Horse Training and Colt Starting at Ro-No Ranch

At RO-NO Ranch, your horse is given individual attention and  the  training program is designed to best fit his/her needs.

Over  the years, Nola’s experiences have taught her that there is no ONE method in horse  training. Each animal is different – they respond to handling and training in  different  ways.

Our philosophy is to do as much  with the horse as  possible to prepare him or her for the environment to  which it  will be exposed. Our belief is that  the more you do with your horse, the more situations your horse is exposed to, the  better your horse will be. All of this takes time, patience, and hard work – we try our best to adapt to each horse’s individual needs. This is the primary  goal at RO-NO Ranch.

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you are doing for both my  girls, Katie and Zippy. They both are just growing and  blossoming under all of your care. It means so much to me. I know they are both in the best of hands  with  all you  gals. I am greatly inpressed with all of you and  how you run  your stables.”
Laurie Zielinski

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Would you like to take a lesson on your horse, or ours? Nola or Julie are engaged and knowledgable teachers.

Mounted Shooting

This fun and exciting sport is one we focus on here at RO-NO. Let us help you get your horse trained for some runnin’ and gunnin’ !


Jumping – We offer a structured jump training program. The horse will be started  over ground poles graduating to trot and canter poles and then cross rails. His ability to jump will be assessed and any  problems noted. Then,  the horse progresses to small  courses and  grids.


Dressage – Julie will assess the horse’s  movement and current level of training  before commencing suppling, balancing and lateral work. 

“I can’t tell you  how thrilled I am with my total  experience with Indy….It’s the first time in a long time that I had a great time on a  horse. He is fun to ride!  Thank you, thank you and thank you for doing such a great job  in teaching Indy to love to trail ride, work with me calmly,  and helping him be such a great   horse!

Gaited Horses

We do  not work  strictly with Paso Finos. We find other gaited horses  a  pleasure to work with  also. Flexibility and  willingness to move out are still the goal we strive for when  working with any breed, whether you want your gaited horse  ready for the show ring or made into a reliable trail horse.

“We rescued a barn sour  standardbred who would pin his ears back when approached, kicked when anyone entered his stall, had frequent tripping  episodes and was underweight.  Within six months, Nola,  using the Target approach, taught him  manners, nursed  him to good health, and rode him frequently.  We now use  him as a nice, all-around trail horse. He is happy and so are  we!”
Linda Corvari


With numerous National Championships in driving, and a history of driving singles and teams since the mid-80’s, let Nola help you obtain your goals of having a finished driving horse


Trail training involves exposing the horse to as many experiences as possible while maintaining hisconfidence. After basic control in the arena is established,  he goes on to the trail. He also learns to accept any distraction including vehicles and other animals, swinging  ropes, allowing the rider to pull objects  behind him, stepping over objects, pushing a 3 ft. beach ball,  opening mailboxes, etc.

“Ro-No’s Tequila (aka Sneak) was born at Ro-No Ranch almost nine years ago. She was my first horse at the age of 54. Even though my round trip to the ranch is 135 miles, I manage to make it up 1 to 2 times a week.  I refuse to move her because she is the happiest Mare I have ever seen, and that is due to her environment.  She is schooled by both Nola and Julie.  Nola in the discipline of traditional Paso Fino and Western schooling and Julie is fantastic in the discipline of Dressage as well as the traditional Paso Fino instruction.  I also take lessons with Julie on a regular basis.  Sneak has done everything from cutting cows, barrel racing, trail obstacles, Paso Fino regional shows in the Pleasure division.  We have even attempted a try at Mounted Shooting (still working on that one).  She is a well “rounded” horse (in more ways than one 🙂 ) I cannot say enough about Ro-No ranch, as it is my sanctuary. When I leave to come home, I am happy, because I know my horse is in the safest most loving place she could be. 
Pam Kavlick


The horse will start  with  haltering/leading, lunging and rope work in the round pen.  Dependent  on his mental readiness, he will then be  introduced to the saddle, bridle and to riding. Horses  stay  for 60/90 days or longer….it really depends on  the  individual

Trick Training

Obedience and trust are a  very important aspect in  our training methods. Teaching  any horse some simple tricks is a great way to earn a horse’s trust, and rate the willingness a horse has to give. Some  horses have a natural propensity for  this type of work  and we enjoy furthering this inclination. It  may be as simple as pushing around a large inflatable ball, or  as  complex as teaching a horse to lay down. Special  attention  can be focused on this type of training when  requested.