Equine Removal Service with Compassion and Respect

As horse owners ourselves, we care deeply about our animals. When one of our treasured horses dies, we lose a valued friend  and  companion. For many of us the experience can be emotionally  devastating. Added to our grief is the  difficult question;  What do we do with the horses body?

RO-NO Removal  Service can be called in to remove your deceased pet, and we do it with compassion and respect. We collect your deceased  horse or pony ( or  other large animal pet ) from your stable or farm with our  custom designed trailer, and we will always  do our best to minimize your distress.

We offer:

  • On  call service,  24/7
  • Service throughout NE  PA
  • Removal of any size/breed pet- done
    with compassion and respect.
  • Braided Tail Hair Memento
  • On or off site euthanasia with DVM.
  • Transportation  to a   crematory, Urns  available.
  • Transportation  for necropsy.
  • Prearranged   or Emergency call out

 The process of removing a deceased horse can be a very sensitive ( and sometimes distressing ) procedure. When preparing and  loading a horse for removal, a procedure called winching must be used due to the size of the animal. Please be assured  that we will treat your animal with the utmost  consideration.

Prices will vary due to location and situation, but basic fees for removal are as follows; 0-50 miles – $275-$350, 51-100 miles – $375-$400, 101-150 miles – $475. Please contact us for more  information.

Contact us today for more  information:
phone: 1.570.351.7966
email: rono@socantel.net