“We’ve used Nola to check our standardbred racehorses teeth now  for  several years. Her work has been very professional and I would  recommend her to anyone who is looking for a horse dentist.  And, she is always pleasant to deal with!”
Lou Bertolini, Horse Trainer
Beach Lake,  PA

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What is Equine Dentistry?

The  monitoring, preventive care, and  responsive care of your horse’s teeth.

In contrast to the teeth of human beings which only grow to a certain size, a  horse’s teeth continue to erupt  throughout its life. For  this reason, horses should have their  teeth checked and  maintained by an equine dentist  regularly.

At what age should a horse first be  checked and what type  of schedule should it be on?

The  most important  time to check a horse’s teeth is between the age of two and  five, and they should be checked every six months. It is  during this time that horses lose “baby” teeth  to make way for “adult” teeth.
Adult horses age 5-18 should be  checked annually and horses over 18 should be checked  regularly. Tooth eruption slows with age, but regular dental checkups help ensure a healthy mouth for the older horse.

What occurs during a check-up?

A horse dentist will check for a variety of conditions and problems. Sometimes the  horse’s teeth need “floating” which is the removal of sharp points in the animal’s mouth. A dentist will also look for “step mouth” a  condition in which the teeth have a  step-like arrangement instead of a smooth surface. Step mouth  is dealt with by grinding down some of the teeth to make a smooth surface.

Does grinding or floating a  horse’s  teeth cause the animal any pain?

No. The only tooth in a horse’s mouth that has a nerve  running all the way through it is the “wolf tooth.”

What types of issues can occur when a  horse  has a tooth problem?

Sharp molars can cause weight  problems, problems with the bit, even attitude problems. Many  chronic colicers have had their condition improved by having regular dental  maintenance.

“My wife and I appreciate your talent with our  horses. I must say that I was dreading getting them (teeth)  done. It always was such a problem in the past, but thanks to you the problem is gone. I will be in touch with you in about  10 months so that we can  figure a time to do them again next year….”
Bob and Helen  Raymond

Nola travels to:

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“We are very pleased with the care Nola has given to our horses and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in maintaining a sound mouth for their  own  horse.”
Jean Walter – manager
Duck Harbor  Stables
Equinunk, PA

“She (Nola)  has worked on our horses for a number of years and is very  proficient. She is a good handler of horses  (all sexes  and ages), does a thorough job and gladly shares  her knowledge.”
Ann VanArsdale – manager
High Meadows Farm
Delhi, NY

“I have  used Nola Haupert-Keill as the dentist  for my horses for the past 7 years. She has handled my most difficult horses as well as my easy and old ones. Each one has  been done  effortlessly and to perfection.”
Maribelle  MacAlpin –  owner
Macadoo Paso Finos
Waymart, PA